Benefits of Using High-Quality Interior Paint

If you have not checked paint prices in a while, be prepared for a surprise next time you’re in the paint aisle. Not long ago, you could pick up a gallon of paint for under $20. You can now expect to pay twice or more for decent paint. High-quality paint can cost $60 or more per gallon. So the question is, why would you choose to use a high-quality paint if it is more expensive?

First, high-quality paint may not actually be more expensive. Higher quality will result in better coverage, that should translate to fewer coats of paint which will allow us to use less of the paint. So, your higher-end paint may cost less than if you went with bargain paint because you will not have to buy the high-quality as often.

Another key factor of high-quality paint is that it is also easier to apply. If you tackle the project as a DIY, you will notice a clear difference if you choose high-quality paint. It flows easier, does not drip as much, and dries more evenly. It will make the whole project more manageable and reduce the chance of making mistakes.

When the paint dries is when you will really see its benefits. First, it dries more true to color and retains that color for years and years. Where Low-quality paints may fade with time. Plus, it is more durable. In addition to being fade resistant, it is also scuff and chip resistant and should not crack or peel. When you have to clean it, it stays on the wall, which is great for interior painting projects.

Finally, higher-quality paints may be safer for you. It depends on the formulation, but you can often get them in low or zero-volatile organic compound (VOC) variations. Using low-VOC paint means you are exposed to fewer harmful chemicals.

So, how do you find high-quality paint? Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both offer high-quality interior paints. Consulting with the salesperson at the store can help you determine what type of paint you need for each room. If you use the same paint throughout the house, you want a paint formulated for your rooms that will experience the highest wear and tear. Pros generally use these two brands. If you only paint a single room in your home, you can get good quality by using the highest quality hardware store brands. Just skip using the entry-level products. They are not going to provide the finish and durability you want.

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