Best Interior Paint Colors for Your Home

What colors will you pick next when it comes time to repaint the interior of your house?

With the endless possibilities, you can really let your personality shine. When looking at the never-ending wall of paint colors, here are a few concepts to consider: what’s trendy, what colors showcase your personality, and how do you want your home feel.

First, let’s talk through white. It’s classic, it’s clean, and it’s really is a great choice for many people.

White is one of the best interior paint colors for your home and it continues to be a popular choice. Here’s when white is a terrific interior paint choice:

  • White simplifies everything: choosing a white paint color means you can paint the entire home one color that will go with everything. You can add accents, buy a new couch, and never have to remember which room you painted what color.
  • White makes everything else pop: if you have beautiful wood floors and trim, white allows those elements to take center stage. White walls allows artwork and photographs to be showcased on a literal blank canvas.
  • White allows you to focus on textures: interior designers often say textures make a big difference in the feel of our rooms. With white walls, textural design elements can take center stage and be the star of the show.

What’s trending now?

The Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year in 2022 is Evergreen Fog, which they describe as a cool color with a soothing grey-green hue. It echoes the green and blue colors that are the trending choices for 2022. Experts call the trending interior paint colors “landscape infused colors” and remind us of the outdoors in all its beauty and peace.

Not only does Sherwin-Williams announce a new color each year but they also help us out by showcasing colors that go with them. This year’s colors partnering with Evergreen Fog is a mix of creams, beige, and dark grey.

One of the great things about using these yearly announcements as a color guide is that you can see what’s in your home already. Repainting your home reflects not just a new, fresh coat of paint but also a reaffirming what’s there already. Check out paint manufacturers’ color combinations and discover what works best your home.

What’s your personality and how does it influence color choices?

No matter how trendy you want to be, if that’s just not you then you won’t feel comfortable with the color choice. An interior paint color is a great way extend your personality. One of the reasons people are moving away from white walls is that they want to say something more about themselves. This is easier to say than to pick the right color from the great wall of color choices.

Here are a few things to think about when picking a color that’s good for you:

  • What do you like to do? Are you outdoorsy and love nature? Look into a color palette of greens (trees and plants), grey/browns (rocks and ground), and blues (sky and water). People walking into your home might not notice a theme, it is one that might bring peace and comfort to your home.
  • Are you a little wild and like trying new things? How about stepping out and trying a bold new color in an accent wall? Teal, orange or even some wild blues would make quite a statement. What colors do you have in a throw pillow? Pick out your favorite and see how that looks on a single wall.
  • Do you like order and love seeing that mono-chromatic look in magazines? Find a group of colors that calls to you such as a few greys going from lighter to darker that pair well with whites and blacks. These tend to look classy and add to the feeling of things being in the right place.

How do you want your home to feel?

Interior paint colors impact the overall feel of our homes. Quiet colors, bold trending ones, or a whole palette used through the entire home make a statement on how we feel.

Are you someone who likes change? Find a grouping of colors so different rooms can be its own unique color but all tied together.

Are you in love with the color red but think that would be too much on all the walls? White, cream, yellow and a variety of other colors can be your base to showcase the colors that you really love.

Where do you live?  If you live in a more rural area of Lancaster County, perhaps a more Amish color palette of blue and reds and creams would work in your home. In Norristown with an older home, perhaps white is a good choice to showcase built ins or a nice banister on the stairs.

Regardless of what color you choose, remember two things.

  • Sealing up that drywall, taking the time to fix up those dents in the wall, and generally caring for your wall is an investment. The value of your home depends on its upkeep so take the time to get it done right.
  • Paint is one of the easiest things to change about your home. If you don’t like the color, choose another one. If you change your mind a few years later, repaint. If life changes and so do you color choices, this is not the most important decision you will make. Relax and enjoy the possibilities.

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