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Montgomery County Interior Painting Services

Painting is a skill and an art form. Our painters understand this, which is why our goal is to offer flawless interiors every time.

Many painters encourage their customers to follow the trends. There are reasons for that — the supplies may be cheaper, and they might be able to cut corners. Not us. We want you to have the room of your dreams. So, describe your vision, and let us make it happen.

We start with the prep work. Painting is the easy part of a paint job, but no matter how skilled the painter is or how high-quality the paint is, painting without prepping is never going to result in a high-quality result. We begin every job with prep work, filling in holes and cracks, cleaning surfaces, sanding, and priming so that the paint looks smooth, even, and perfect.

While some of our customers come with visions, others come knowing they want a paint job but are unsure of the results they desire. We can help. We can share with you the looks that are trending, as well as classic looks, to help you choose the right one for your home.

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Exterior Painting Services in Montgomery County

The exterior of your home or business offers the first impression to visitors. It is also the first thing you see whenever you pull up outside. Heiler Painting can give you an exterior that puts a smile on your face.

Montgomery County chooses Heiler Painting for exterior painting services. We handle jobs of all sizes, residential or commercial, big or small. We can refresh the exterior or completely revamp the outside. Whatever the job, we offer the same high-quality results for every job.

Customers love that we are equally focused on customer service throughout the process and quality results at the end of the process. We start with surface preparation. In an exterior paint job, surface prep does more than make the job look better. Removing damaged, rotted, or worn-out wood also helps protect the exterior and improve its lifespan.

We know that you have many choices for your Montgomery County exterior painting job. Give us a call to learn more about our process. If you do, you will learn why we are one of the county’s most respected contractors.

Professional Carpentry Services Near Philadelphia

Carpentry Services in Montgomery County

Great paint jobs frequently require carpentry services. That is because prep work often goes beyond filling a few holes or cracks. It may take replacing rotting or damaged wood. That is why our team includes skilled carpenters who can work with our painters to ensure the prep work is fabulous.

Our carpenters can also handle stand-alone projects. Working with all types of wood, they can fix or create structures. They have an eye for wood, which helps them inspect all areas thoroughly so they can spot and repair any damage. Whether you want them to create a look-alike item to seamlessly blend into your home or provide an eye-catching new design, our customers have you covered.

While we will work with independent contractor carpenters, we urge people to use our in-house carpentry team. Working together on many projects establishes a fabulous working relationship, enhancing efficiency and outcomes.

Montgomery County Cabinet Refinishing Company

Want to refresh your kitchen or bathroom? You might be thinking of new cabinets. However, the expense can quickly put you off of a project. Fortunately, you do not have to replace cabinets to get a whole new look. Instead, you can refinish them — you get an updated look for a much lower price.

Not every cabinet is a good candidate for refinishing. You have to start with cabinets that are in good shape. That does not mean perfect. Our team can fix imperfections, damage, and more. We are also going to clean, sand, and prime all surfaces. So, even if your cabinets look ugly, and even if you have loose doors or hinges, we may still be able to make them look flawless and new.

It is choosing cabinet refinishing over replacement benefits more than your pocketbook. It is also better for the environment. Pulling out perfectly functional cabinets is wasteful. It is much greener to refinish than to replace. In addition, it is often much quicker, so you get your house back to normal more quickly.

It is expected to feel a little hesitant about a cabinet refinishing project. Give us a call to talk about the job. We will take you through the steps and talk you through our process so you understand the level of craftsmanship we bring to every job.

Completed Painting Projects in Montgomery County PA

We love working locally! Painting our neighbor’s houses that we walk and drive by every day brings us a sense of pride. Below are just a few of the painting project Heiler Painting has completed in Montgomery County alone:

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Looking for any type of contractor can be intimidating. How do you pick the right one? We encourage people to reach out to friends, family, and neighbors. Then, check out their recommendations on social media. No company should have all 5-star results — that is a sign of “fake” reviews because some people are never satisfied. However, they should have consistently good ratings. At Heiler Painting, we invite you to check out our reputation — you will find people love our quality and our customer service.

One of the things customers love about us is that we take a collaborative approach to our projects. We respect our client’s input and want to understand their desired results. Then, we use our professional experience to make sure we can bring that vision to life.

See what our customers think!

  • Tom Heiler was professional, gave a competitive proposal and his crew did excellent work. I highly recommend Heiler Painting.

    Marc Gaynes
  • I took advantage of Heiler's expanded services - handyman, lighting fixture installation, trash disposal. Excellent communication and a true desire to provide excellent customer service.

    Eric S.
  • Tom Heiler and his crew is very professional and was always on time. I would recommend heiler Painting to anyone..

    Van Huynh
  • Heiler Painting was a pleasure to work with. Steve B and Tom Heiler arrived on time and ready to work. They actually paid attention to my dogs and my dogs gave them love right back. Steve B and Tom Heiler worked hard to make my house beautiful. They paid attention to details. They were extremely professional. I would definitely work with them if the need arose. I would definitely recommend the to my friends.

    Deborah Rogers
  • This was a good experience. Tom Heiler is a pleasure to work with because he is efficient, attentive to the details, and delivers what he promised. The painter he sent were neat and took care not to protect our furniture, photos, etc. It was a good value for our money and I would recommend him.

    Joanne R.
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