Preventing Rotted Wood

Preventing rotted wood may be the best investment for your home.

Wood is expensive.

And lumber prices have only now come back down to the pre-pandemic price range.

Either way, there only needs to be one issue in the supply chain for an already expensive product to skyrocket in price yet again.

Carpenters are also as expensive.

Your house is also more likely than not made mostly out of wood.

And to top it all off, there is a lot more wood in your house than there is paint.

Signs of Rotting

The first step in preventing rotted wood is to identify pieces of wood that are rotting. You will likely know what it looks like by its appearance alone, but it’s easier to find with some guidance.

Look for peeling paint on your wood surfaces. This is a sign of water infiltrating the wood, and speeding up the rotting process. As the water that is in the wood becomes dried, whether through the sun or just through the air, the water will push and separate the paint from its surface.

So if you want a good place to check first, consider any areas of your home where the sun directly hits a painted wooden surface for a portion of the day.

Additionally, keep an eye out for soft parts of the wood that flake off. This is what advanced rotting looks like and possibly carpenter ants.

How Painting is Preventing Rotting

Luckily, painting your wooden surfaces is an easy way of preventing rotted wood. If you find any rotting wood, paint it as soon as possible, otherwise, the rot will spread further. Of course, a huge benefit of painting is that it improves the aesthetic, but it also provides a coat of protection for wood.

If you find chipping or failing wood, then it’s time to paint that wood before it rots! And as mentioned previously, while lumber prices have come back down, they can easily start rising again. The quality of wood available is also experiencing a decline.

At worst, the rotting is a sign of water aiming to get inside your home and cause more problems. So take the easy steps now to prevent rot, or you will then have to prevent the wood from failing, or even have to stop water damage!

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