Prep Your Home for the Holidays with a Fresh Coat of Paint

The holidays are coming. That means holiday parties, holiday guests, and all sorts of hosting. So, naturally, you want your home to look its best. Sometimes cleaning is not enough. If your paint is dirty, scratched, flaking, or outdated, you may want a new interior paint job to refresh your décor with a fresh coat of paint.

Guest Bathrooms

Almost all of your guests will visit your guest bathroom. So, you want to make it inviting and cozy. Plus, these small rooms are accessible to redecorate. Many people want to keep a neutral look in the bathroom. However, you do not have to stick with off-whites to stay neutral. You can choose a grey or a beige, which is a more intense neutral. Some colors, like pale aqua, blend well with almost every color scheme, making them a great alternative to neutrals.

Guest Bedrooms

Many of us put off decorating our guest rooms. After all, we frequently do not use them or use them for alternate purposes, like a home office. The best thing about a guest room is that you can use fun, vibrant colors and patterns. Since guests will only be there for a few days, you do not have to worry about the bright colors getting old or too busy.

One of our favorite looks is a bright, sunny yellow. Even though yellow is a bright color, true sunshine yellow is almost neutral. It is an excellent choice if your guest room is otherwise dark and gloomy. You can complement it with bright accent colors or use neutrals. We love white with royal blue accents in a yellow room!

Want a luxurious, upscale feel for your guest room? Consider a jewel-tone paint. Deep jewel tones make a room look expensive and luxurious. Add expensive-looking bedding, candles, and accessories to complete the look.

Of course, you can also set up your guest bedroom as a serene retreat. We love the idea of a guest room in pale lilacs or dove grays, with bright white décor and accents. It sets a tranquil mood- add a recliner and a lamp to give yourself a cozy reading room.

Add an Accent

Do you feel like your interior needs a little oomph? Consider adding an accent wall. An accent wall can help you highlight artwork, add drama to the room, or give you the place to add playful details like stripes or patterns. Since accent walls are fast and inexpensive to paint, they are also low commitment. You could even go with a color that compliments your holiday décor. You can always change it if you do not like it for your year-round look.

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