Painting Safety 101

Painting is inherently not one of the most dangerous tasks on a job site. But, just because you are not actively using heavy machinery, dangerous tools, or electricity does not mean it is completely safe. There’s still plenty of risk when it comes to painting, especially on a construction site. Professionals are, of course, aware of these hazards, but maybe you’re new to painting or want to conduct a DIY painting job yourself. Regardless of why, here’s some Painting Safety 101.


Ventilation should be among your top priorities when it comes to painting safety. We all are aware that paint is not the best substance to be breathing in, as it will cause physical damage over time. That’s why you need to keep windows and doors open when possible and provide proper air circulation when it’s not.


Falling from a high place may be one of the most common kinds of injuries while painting. Think about it, maybe you have someone up on a ladder on the side of a house. Maybe they’ve built a contraption like scaffolding to get to a high ceiling that’s a little unstable. Maybe the scaffolding is put in place properly, but the danger of falling does not go away. Always be aware of the danger of heights and take any necessary preventative measures.

Chemical Exposure

While breathing in harsh chemicals has been covered by providing proper ventilation, other parts of your body can still be exposed to these chemicals while painting. The most likely way is through your skin. Burns and rashes can be a common symptom of chemical exposure, and possibly even lead to cancer. Wear gloves and protect your arms and legs, as they are the most likely to be exposed to the harsh chemicals sometimes found in paint.

Professional Painting

As we mentioned, professional painters are already aware of all of these worse case painting safety issues, and more. There’s also the chance of eye injuries, stress injuries, or simply tripping or falling from uneven surfaces. As a professional painting company, safety is our top priority, so if you’re looking to have painting taken off your hands and handled safely, then please call us at 610-580-2771!

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