12 Things to Look for in a Painting Proposal

When you need to get a home painting project done, but don’t have the time or skill to do it yourself, hiring the right professional is important.

But how do you know which contractor is the best fit for you? Will they complete the task professionally? How long will it take, and will the price they gave you be accurate?

Obtaining answers to these questions is critical for every project. And, after working with over 4,000 customers over the last decade, we’ve developed a painting proposal that is exactly what they need.

Heiler Painting has created a proven painting proposal process. We hope that sharing it with you will provide you with insight on what to look for in any proposal so that you have the greatest possible experience.

1. General Contact & Project Information

The first thing you notice is the amount of information we add to a quote. We do this for two reasons:

First, we want to ensure that we have all of the necessary information. When was this estimate provided, what is the project address (since it may differ from the person contacting the work), what phone numbers do we have to contact the proper person, and who is your contact person for this project?

Second, we feel that the more information we provide you with, the better the project will be. We want to be extremely explicit about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, what our expectations are of you and our team, and everything else involved.

Yes, it’s more involved than someone jotting a total number on a napkin with their phone number, but we’ve learned that specific information makes everyone happier.

2. Detailed Work Notes

No job is likely to be as easy as “paint living room.” Even in this case, there are nail holes to fill, trim to consider, and pre-project planning to do. We agree on what your role is and what our task is by detailing each stage. This simplifies the procedure while saving you time and money.

3. Pre-Existing Condition Inspection

An onsite pre-inspection is essential for receiving an accurate price with no surprises. Because no two jobs are the identical, this inspection provides you with the assurance that we are fully prepared for the project.

Is it possible that something unexpected may occur? Yes, in some situations. But, if that occurs, we will devise a remedy and will not proceed until you give us the go-ahead. Nobody enjoys unexpected fees!

4. Project Preparation Process

A proven procedure is required to complete a painting project. Homeowners often focus on the end product and overlook details such as relocating furniture, artwork, and other valuable items.

For that reason, we’ve developed a handy document for homeowners to complete before we come. If you’re repainting the entire room for the first time, it might not occur to you to remove the clothes out of the closet or transfer the handcrafted furniture your great grandparents gave you to another room just in case something unexpected happens.

5. Brands and Product Specification

Some contractors provide lower quotes because they often use cheaper products. When reviewing the painting proposal, make sure you understand what products are being utilized. You get what you paid for when it comes to paint!

We predominantly use paint from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore since we want to provide you the best finished products possible. These paint manufacturers provide a wide range of attractive color options that will endure for years. On their websites, they also supply color schemes and inspiring galleries, allowing you to let your mind run wild with possibilities.

6. Areas, Substrates, Color and Sheen Specification

Details matter, and it’s crucial that our clients know exactly what to anticipate. What rooms will be painted, what materials will be used, and what should the homeowner do before we begin? All of these are questions we prefer to have answered before the job begins.

Paint comes in different colors and sheens. Some colors are more suited to dining rooms, while others are better suited to ceilings. If you are unclear about the colors and sheens to select, please contact one of our color experts!

7. Payment and Terms

Before proceeding with a project, always ensure that you understand the payment and terms. Check to see what and when deposits, progress payments, and final payments are due. We detail the full procedure, including acceptable payments, at Heiler Painting.

8. Technician Qualifications

Are the employees properly trained and insured? Before allowing anybody inside your house, spend a few minutes reviewing the contractor’s website and Google reviews to confirm they are a reputable company to deal with.

9. Customer Inspection of Work

When you employ someone, be certain that you can check the finished product. You want to know that all of the items agreed upon have been accomplished and cleaned up. This provides you peace of mind that the project was completed correctly.

10. Compliance

Did you know that there are several municipal ordinances and laws that affect home improvement projects? Even if you pay someone to conduct the work, you must still follow these requirements. Ascertain that your contractors are familiar with the location and what has to be done to comply with these codes.If your house was built before 1978, it may have extra repair difficulties such as lead paint or historical complications. Discuss any difficulties you are aware of before the project begins to reduce potential problems afterwards.

11. Insurance

All painting contractors should be insured to some extent. This protects not only the company but also you, the homeowner. Contractors should also be able to offer proof of insurance. It’s one of those things you don’t think you need … until you do!

12. Warranty

You should also look at the warranties provided by contractors. What is not included, how long will your project last, what happens if something goes wrong? And make a written record of it.

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