How to Prepare My Home for a Painting Project

Deciding to have the inside or outside of your home painted is a great choice.

Having fresh paint looks and feels good, and now all that you have to do is get ready for the professionally licensed house painters to come work their magic. If you’ve been wondering what that entails, our team at Heiler Painting has compiled some pointers for you as you prepare your home in Media and Philadelphia PA and the surrounding areas to be transformed by our professional painting services.


Interior painting projects completed by Heiler Painting include preparation services prior to the actual painting, which is then followed by cleaning, restoration if needed, and a full inspection performed by our licensed house painters. For the preparation phase, we ensure that all of the furniture, items, and floors within the space set to be painted are covered and taped before proceeding any further.

How to Prepare Home for Painting


Expensive items such as curtains and rugs should be removed from the room or area that is being painted beforehand. Any small or large collectibles or sentimental objects should also be temporarily relocated. Doing so will ensure safe keeping so that they do not accidentally get a splash of paint.

Wall Décor

The same goes for artwork and other items hanging on your walls. Homeowners should plan to take those items down and move them elsewhere to be safely stored while the paint job is being completed.


Before having a room painted, doing a thorough cleaning is always a great idea in order to see optimum results. The cleaner the area is, the better chance the walls have to dry completely without any extra dust particles or lingering dirt accumulating in the fresh paint.


To make things easier on yourself and the painters, plan to leave the space before painting begins. If you have children or pets, make plans in advance for where they can spend time during the painting project. Taking care to do this simply helps the work to be done more efficiently and be completed sooner.


In addition to interior painting services, Heiler Painting delivers beautiful exterior paint jobs in Media and Philadelphia PA and the surrounding areas. When it comes to exterior paint services, our licensed house painters provide a full wash and surface preparation prior to the start of exterior painting. We recognize the importance of having all exterior areas either power washed or hand washed prior to painting in order to remove all dirt and mildew.

How to Prepare Home for Painting

During our surface preparation phase, we also ensure that any and all loose paint is scraped and all gaps are caulked. Next, we ensure that all repaired areas are primed and that only premium quality paint is applied with a uniform finish. Painting on a poorly prepared surface will only yield disappointing results, so we are committed to doing all that we can to ensure quality, lasting paint jobs.

Exterior paint prep can certainly feel like a daunting task, but when left to the professionals at Heiler Painting you’ll find that very little is actually required on your end. One thing to keep in mind is the whereabouts of any outdoor pets that you have. Make sure they are accounted for and safe plans are made to keep them away from the area where painters will be working.

The exterior process finishes off with a cleaning and full inspection. Our licensed house painters make sure that all paint chips are cleaned up and all of our materials are packed up and stored away. Lastly, we complete an inspection before inviting our clients to inspect the work themselves in order to ensure that the project has been completed to meet and exceed their expectations.

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