5 Home Painting & Preparation Tips for the Holidays

Fall has arrived in the Greater Philadelphia region, bringing colder temperatures, beautiful leaves, and thoughts of the upcoming holiday season.

Taking the time now to prepare for the holidays allows you to cross a few tasks off your hectic to-do list, enabling you to enjoy the season. Here are five home painting recommendations to get you started!

1. Start Early and Make a Plan

There are always house tasks that need to be completed, and given today’s strong demand for professional services, you must start on a schedule as soon as possible. By taking the time to look at what has to be done in October, you may better select to work when it’s convenient for you rather than being pushed into a timetable.

When you have time, go around your house and make a note of the things that need to be repaired or upgraded.
For example, did you buy new furniture and now the wall color doesn’t match, or is there an area of your home that you really want to alter before holiday guests arrive?

By creating a checklist and making a plan, you get to choose what’s most important to you.

2. Focus on the Important Areas

Do you host Thanksgiving for local family and friends? How will loved ones use your home during Hanukkah? Will overnight guests be staying a few days during Christmas? What elements of Kwanzaa can you add to your home?

Our homes are used in different ways for each holiday and particular occasion. Repainting and fixing certain places welcomes our guests and makes us thrilled to celebrate these holidays with them.

Consider your kitchen, dining, and living areas for all of our holidays, since visitors will spend the majority of their time here. Are these areas dated? Could they be more inviting? Do they still require repairs from last year that you haven’t completed?

Whether your kitchen cabinets need to be painted or your guest rooms need to be polished, the holiday season is one of the best times to give your house a fresh appearance. It offers you a timetable for completing the work while also making you excited to show off your new space to guests.

3. Winterize Your Home

With fluctuating energy prices, sealing up your home is a highly practical approach to minimize future expenses, provide a more pleasant atmosphere inside, and prevent problems like pipes freezing at the worst possible moment.

Start with an exterior inspection:

  • Check and clear up the gutters to avoid ice buildup
  • Repair gaps in the seals surrounding the doors and windows
  • Remove the old caulk and replace it with new beads all around
  • Check up your pathways and shake those railings
  • Turn off outdoor water, pick up hoses, and empty or clean out broken pots

After you’ve finished your outside labor, get some hot chocolate and relax. Continue to inspect inside to ensure that the pipes are adequately insulated and that there are no drafts coming in. If you have drafts coming in through the doors and windows, apply some weather stripping.

4. Repaint Doors and Moldings

With all of the activity in our houses, these areas get dirty and damaged. It’s not something you consider guests come and go, but here are a few examples:

  • Door handles
  • Moldings and baseboards
  • Areas around light switches

Repainting these areas is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to get your house ready for the holidays. Cleaning up worn areas gives a clean, rather than frayed, appearance. Repainting vintage molding may highlight its distinctive aspects while also enhancing the charm of your home.

5. Prepare Your Dining Room

What is the color of your walls? Do you have a yearly or seasonal theme? What color are the tablecloths, table sets, and center pieces?

You may edit or add to your space by using any of these components as your anchor. Start with your favorite dinnerware and choose a tablecloth that complements them well.

Are you looking to make a color change in the dining room? Now is the time to repaint the entire space or simply add an accent wall. You probably don’t want to paint it pumpkin orange but perhaps something that goes with those plates that you love would be a great way to start.

Pinterest is brimming with free ideas that only a designer can execute! However, if you start early and design a theme, your dining room may truly set the tone for the holiday season.

Remember to let your heart guide you. So frequently, we look at photographs to see what we should appreciate and then fight to bring it all together. Instead, begin with what you enjoy. A color, a season, or a favorite object.

Do you have a thing for the color red? Consider decorating the dining area with a crimson tablecloth and matching dinnerware. Are you a nature lover? With grey/green walls, a center piece made of pine cones, candles, or wood pieces may look amazing.

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