Benefits of Having a Network of Home Improvement Contractors

Turning a house into a home is a big task. It’s not simply unpacking boxes, making a few repairs, and hanging a welcome sign on the front door.

No one knows the complexity of this transformation better than realtors and design companies. And these professionals work hard to understand the vision and make it a reality. Not an easy task!

That’s why it’s crucial for these industries to have a network of home improvement contractors providing quality and reliable work.

The Philadelphia area is filled with home improvement contractors with a variety of skills. But does their work match your needs? Do you consider them a partner in solving the needs of your clients? Can they make your job easier and more professional, securing you the quality outcome you work so hard to achieve?

It’s great to know a few contractors to help you out but here’s why realtors and design companies should create a comprehensive list of home improvement contractors.

Established Network of Subcontractors

Every job is different. Every project has surprises. But it’s always your job to handle these on time, and on budget.

Making sure you know your painter can handle interior and exterior projects but also has knowledge about historical homes is important.

Can they repair as well as paint? Ask the questions. Make your list bigger. Know each contractor’s specialty so you know who to call.

Reduced Stress and Hassle

You are not an expert at everything, nor do you have the time to handle every problem. By creating an extensive list of home improvement contractors in the Philadelphia area, you have the resources to say yes to anything your client needs.

As a friend of mine in sales always says, “Say yes now, figure it out later.”  When you have an extensive list of quality craftsmen, you can be the hero to your client no matter what they need.

Insurance Coverage

Quality contractors hold business insurance so homeowners are not liable for accidents happening during the job. This puts you and your clients in a better place than simply asking an uncle to try and fix something.


Home improvement contractors know so many things! They’ve done this before, and even if they have not seen that specific issue, they have the knowledge and the experience to handle the situation.

Get to know the professionals on your list. Find out how long have they been in the business and what other skills they have. Who do they know and work with well? These professionals can provide resources you might not have so take the time to learn a bit more.

Save Money and Time

While sometimes it seems like hiring professionals might cost more, home improvement is an area where you often save in the long run.

Professionals do the job faster, better, and can purchase supplies typically at lower rates.

When you have list of professionals and know their strengths, this time and money savings is greater since you know who to call and that they will handle the project correctly.

Single Point of Contact

Knowing which companies can help you with a project manager makes your life even easier. Having a single point of contact can simplify the project, give your client someone to bounce ideas with, and often make the job go smoother.

Customizable Services

Creating a network of home improvement contractors allows you to offer more to your clients.

Realtors and design specialists know that no job is the same. No buyer has the same needs. No house will ever have the same issues.

When you create an extensive list of professionals who can make dreams come true for your clients, they pay you back in referrals.

Why Choose Heiler Painting?

As Philadelphia’s favorite painting company, we want to be on the top of your list! We offer your clients reliable service and a professional crew. Our turnkey interior and exterior painting services, combined with light carpentry services means your clients can sell and/or enhance their homes quickly.

Heiler Painting also utilizes extensive technology making our communications faster, easier to approve, and gets everyone on the same page. Our virtual estimate capabilities means we can start work the day after the contract is signed to allow home buyers to move into their new property sooner.

We’re Responsive

We believe service is equally as important as craftsmanship, and communication goes a long way with the overall customer experience.

We Provide Fast, Quality Work

Whether it’s a quick paint before getting a house on the market or painting with a hard deadline before they move in, we have 40+ efficient employees to ready to accommodate any situation.

We Have a Clean, Courteous Crew

Our team is friendly and easy to work with will come to your clients’ homes fully engaged and pleasant. We also offer competitive wages, benefits, and growth opportunities.

Find out why Heiler Painting is considered the best house painting contractors in Philadelphia. Our proven process ensures your painting project will be handled properly and your home will be treated with the care it deserves.

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