Exterior Painting Tips to Help Sell Your House

Sooner or later, you will likely have to sell your house. Whether it’s for a bigger house, a smaller house, or something totally new, that time will come. If that time is nearing close for you, then here are some exterior painting tips that will help you sell your house.

Repaint Before Marketing

Instead of marketing your house as is, and throwing in a disclaimer that you will be painting it, just paint it now. It will be a better selling point to repaint now rather than later, and it will provide a better value since it will increase property value.

Repainting your home before you sell it will also make it look fresh and new and make it look its best before it gets marketed and sold. The paint on your house will also likely be the very first thing people will see when looking at pictures of your house on the listing, so put your best foot forward.

Choose a Warmer Color

While choosing a color is a critical decision in any paint job, it can be hard to gauge that you need a warmer color. That’s because you are applying paint to the exterior where natural light will be fighting with the finish of the paint job. Natural light will wash out the color, causing them to look shades cooler than they would inside, which is why you want to pick a warmer color.

Prepare Surface Properly

Before actually painting, you will want to properly prepare your exterior surface. You already do a lot of preparation for interior painting, mostly because you do not want the paint to get on things it shouldn’t, but exterior painting is a bit different. Outside, you have to fight with nature and dirt, dust, mud, rocks, and other factors that will erode the paint as time goes on.

To prepare your house for exterior painting, first check for any damages. Repair any damages you find before applying the exterior paint. Then, do a good, thorough cleaning of your exterior to remove any dust or dirt that has been piled up. You can clean by scrubbing your walls with a detergent solution or power washer, whatever will be easier for you.

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