Cozy Paint Colors for Winter

People typically think of starting home improvement projects in the spring, but when it comes to painting projects, winter can be just as good.

With the help of certified pro painters, there are so many changes you can make to your house in the Media and Philadelphia, PA area to give it a brand new feeling this winter. Adding fresh paint is the perfect way to revamp your space and up the cozy factor for wintertime.

If you want to go big, new paint colors can change the entire look and feel of a room. Or, you can go for small alterations that will have a more subtle but equally awe-inspiring factor. Whether you’re having walls, doors, cabinets, or furniture painted a new color, switching up your space with the help of affordable house painters is an easy way to hit the reset button this winter without breaking the bank.

Aside from aesthetic value, fresh interior paint has the benefit of sealing in any old dirt and odors, decreasing the presence of allergens, and – depending on what colors you opt for – potentially making your space appear even larger.

Here are a few suggestions on how to up the cozy factor in your home for wintertime using paint:

Update Trim and Interior Doors

Painting old wood trim can make a huge difference, whether you opt to freshen up an existing shade of paint or switch to a soft cream or white, or whatever color your heart desires. Neutral trim colors can help add a pop to whatever adorns the walls.

Painting interior doors to match the trim delivers a satisfying visual effect. When interior doors are painted, any buildup of fingerprints and smudges will be covered up, too. Our certified pro painters at Heiler use high quality products that will make the freshly painted doors easier than ever to wipe down and keep clean and germ-free year-round.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to update the look of your kitchen without completing a full kitchen gut and remodel, painting the cabinets is a great way to add value and refresh. One fun trend is to paint bottom cabinets in a dark color and go for a white or lighter color on the upper cabinets. Opting for rich colors like navy or green has also been in the kitchen style limelight. Or, if your cabinets suit your style already, maybe this winter would be a good time to put fresh paint on the kitchen walls. Kitchens tend to be one of the rooms that receive the most wear and tear, and paint can cover up any scuff marks or fading.

Regardless of what color scheme you opt for, hiring a professional to complete the job will save you a lot of time and stress. Cabinets require extensive prep work before painting. Heiler’s certified pro painters are familiar and experienced with the process, so you can relax knowing that the finish will be long-lasting.

Cozy Paint Colors for Winter

Paint Your Stairs

Although a staircase occupies a minimal amount of square footage in a home, it is a focal point. Switching the paint on your stairs can update the look of your house and be a place to display your sense of style or creativity. These jobs can typically be completed quickly by professional house painters at an affordable price, so you can get back to using the stairs as usual without much of a delay.

Finish Your Basement

Curling up with a bowl of popcorn in a home theater or by a fireplace in a basement is one of those unbeatably cozy places to be during the winter. If your basement isn’t finished, winter is the time to dive in. Painting the walls or ceilings this winter will mean you have one less project for your spring to-do list, and your basement will be ready for you to relax in for as long as winter hangs on in Media and Philadelphia, PA.

Choose Certified Pro Painters

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