Best Paint Colors for a Modern Kitchen

You may be upgrading your kitchen or simply repainting it. Perhaps you are even designing a brand-new kitchen from scratch. While the contents of the kitchen are important to make it modern, the color of the kitchen is just as important to create the feel and environment you are looking for. Here are the best paint colors for a modern kitchen:


White may be a basic color and used in about every modern kitchen, but that’s for a reason. White is standard, basic, and brightens the place up naturally. White paint contrasts well with any stone or granite and the multitude of appliances you will keep in your kitchen. You also don’t have to just choose plain white; there are plenty of options like off-white to suit any modern kitchen need.


Cream paint is the best to make a kitchen feel rustic yet modern. Cream is soft, warm, and inviting, so painting it all over your kitchen is a perfect idea if you want to emulate that feeling. Cream is a perfect option for those of you who want the antique appeal, but don’t want to feel like you’re living too far in the past, and keeping all the benefits and charm of the rustic vibe. Cream will also work well paired with natural woods, or even dark stones and furniture.

Dark Green

Dark green can be a great color for those who want to make it feel like the outdoors, indoors. It’s also a great way to step down from using black as your paint and making your kitchen feel more like a blacksmith’s shop. Green, especially a dark forest green, creates a fresh outdoorsy feel and vibe that will emanate off the walls. Dark green is a perfect option for those of you who feel at home in a forest or arboretum. Perhaps the greatest benefit of dark green is that it will pair well with all the wooden tables and furniture you want to bring into your kitchen without giving it that rustic feel.

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