What Colors Are Best for Each Room of My House?

Walking into a room, the color scheme is one of the first things you notice.

Yet when it comes to choosing the best interior paint colors for your own space, the number of options can be overwhelming. That’s where color psychology can come into play as a way of helping you to select the best colors for each and every room of your home.

Color really can affect our emotional state. Red is known to increase a person’s appetite – hence the use of red in so many successful restaurant logos and yes, even their interior design schemes. Other color connotations range from yellow being cheerful to blue being calm and tranquil. Hire Heiler Painting to guide you through the process of finding the right paint colors for your home.

Heiler Painting professionals will help you to choose colors to create the right ambiance. Ask yourself what tone you would like the room to have and go from there. For instance: is the kitchen a place where you go to cook and unwind alone? Pick soft, soothing pastels or neutrals. Is the kitchen more of an entertainment zone and a place you’d like to make a statement? Bring it to life with something bold. In many homes, the kitchen is a room where everyone tends to gather together. Selecting a sunny or light citrus color is one way to lend a welcoming warmth.

The interior painting experts at Heiler Painting are equipped to help you choose the right color for each room of your home to match your vision, mood, and personality. Living rooms often need a neutral background color, so the atmosphere does not become overly noisy. Using a neutral paint color, such as beige or gray will allow any artwork, rugs, window treatments, and other decor in the room to stand out without overwhelm.

Blue and green color palettes are a popular way to make a bedroom feel like a place to unwind and relax. White is another common bedroom paint color choice, as it is often associated with the clean, fresh atmosphere of a hotel or vacation space. Experts advise avoiding cool brown, purple, or anything too saturated for bedrooms. The bathroom is a space that should also feel like a restful spa, and blue and green color palettes can help achieve that.

What Colors Are Best for Each Room of My House?

The entryway is the place to set the tone for the rest of the home and welcome guests. This might be the area to opt for an exciting color with some drama, or it could be a place you use to unify the entire residence. Using a common color palette throughout your home, adjusting shades and tints used in each room, will create a visual flow.

The expert painting contractors at Heiler Painting understand color schemes and provide professional residential and commercial painting of interior and exterior surfaces throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Heiler Painting professionals are experienced at helping home and business owners to choose paint colors that will transform their spaces into exactly what they are looking for.

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