Best Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

Picking new exterior paint colors for your home can be somewhat overwhelming.

There are many colors to choose from that even a simple white can be overwhelming. Exterior paint colors continue to grow and there are a plethora of options to create the perfect new look for your home.

The biggest trend in exterior paint color over the last few years is the choice of earthy tones. Deep grey and green are the top exterior paint colors, followed by browns and creams. Designers say these color palettes are welcoming and cozy, which is generally the mood people want to portray in their homes.

Another exterior color trend is using any architectural element to pop with a contrasting paint color. This doesn’t mean you need a historical home with unique moldings to create this look. Simply painting windows, shutters, porches can do the trick. The exterior contrast is not a traditional bold contrast, such as a white house with black shutters, but more of a variety of warm creams for the contrast on the earthy greys, deep greens or shades of brown.

With all of that said, below are a few questions to consider when choosing exterior paint colors for your home:

How do I find the best exterior paint colors for my home?

Sherwin Williams is Heiler Painting’s preferred paint manufacturer. Not only are their paints amongst the best in the industry, they also provide homeowners with inspirational galleries to help them find the best exterior paint colors for their home.

Are you looking to stand out or blend into the area?

Each neighborhood and residential area has their own feel because of the house colors, construction style and materials, and geographical area.

Let’s use the Swarthmore area as an example. With its mix of older homes and new construction can look and feel very different depending on which street you’re on. Some streets have homes with a variety of different colors while some are all different variations of white. We recommend walking around to see what looks good on other homes.

The current trend in exterior paint choices is to show some personality but not stand out too much from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood. Historical color palettes, deep colors, and high accents of architectural elements are also very popular nowadays.

What additional elements should you consider?

Are you planning to paint over the brick, take a color from there to use throughout the house, or select a unique color that matches the tone of your brick? Homes with a larger amount of brick have different color requirements than a new colonial with siding.

Do you have a lot of trees that make the color of your house appear darker? Do these trees pollinate your dwellings to the point where a black would actually reveal that pollen? Is sap falling or something else making brighter hues appear dirty? If you have a lot of trees and shrubs around, greens and browns would blend well and give your area a complimentary look. But you could also go for a pop of red or black to highlight the home in a green filled area.

Do I have any paint restrictions?

If you live in a housing plan, there might be some restrictions on color options. For example, Montgomery County has a variety of plans and town homes, all who might have color restrictions from the HOA. Do some research to ensure you’re meeting the criteria of your area before you get too far into the process.

Is it time to repaint my home?

In general, homes need repainted every 5-10 years. This depends on exterior material, quality of workmanship, products, and other environmental elements. Below are some common examples to consider:

Stucco – 5-7 Years

Repainting a stucco exterior is necessary to help seal up the home to prevent future problems. Thankfully, Philadelphia is not an area with high humid or or constant sun so new exterior paint job should last longer than this.

Wood Siding – 3-7 Years

Paint starts to peal from wood sided homes fairly quickly, and paint is important to help seal wood. Similar to stucco exteriors, it’s important to keep up with this exterior finish.

Aluminum Siding – 5-10 Years

Sun exposure is one of biggest reasons to repaint aluminum siding. Once you start to see edges or a bit of rust on the edges, it’s time to consider some new colors.

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