Benefits of Hiring a Contractor in the Winter

Whether you’re ahead of the curve or simply trying to cross items off of your to-do list early, you may be thinking about hiring a contractor in the winter. Instinctively, that makes no sense, right?

Construction contractors, laborers, etc. all spend plenty of time outside. Would they even be available in the winter? Surely spring or summer would be better?

As it turns out, there are plenty of benefits to hiring a contractor in the winter months! We’ve listed a few of these reasons below.

Competitive Pricing

The first benefit is competitive pricing. Simply put, most contractors are not as busy in the winter as they are in spring or summer. Because demand for contractors is much lower in the winter, there are typically much better deals available for those that are ready to start their project!

Keeps Business in Business

By providing much-needed work to a contractor in the winter, you help keep a local company in business throughout the harder months. Here at Heiler Painting, we discount our prices in the winter so that we can keep our excellent employees working, instead of falling back on the traditional strategy of laying people off.


When business is slow, it means more time is available. Why not benefit from the opportunity to have options with scheduling by hiring a contractor in the winter? Otherwise, you will have to fight for their time during the warmer seasons, which can be very stressful. By guaranteeing your spot, your contractor can get to you sooner. Additionally, spring books up quickly! If you don’t schedule before March, we may not be able to tackle your project until July.

Knocking it Off Your To-Do List Early

We all have that to-do list on the corner of our desks staring back at us, filling up with more and more items that require our attention. Why not tackle one of the hardest things first – hiring a contractor (in the winter) – so that you can knock that project off your list early?

Looking for a Contractor This Winter?

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