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Need expert mold removal services? Heiler Painting is one of the areas leading mold remediation companies.  As part of painting homes, we run into mold routinely.  We know a few things about providing safe and cost-effective mold removal services.

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Not Remediating Mold is Dangerous to your Health

Whenever we run into mold that is hidden or in areas a homeowner does not normally frequent, we point it out right away.  Some of the areas we run into mold in a home the most include:

      • Bathrooms & Window Sills
      • Anywhere where moisture and water accumulate
      • Floors & Walls
      • Basements & Eves

Many times mold can go undetected for years, for example growing behind walls and wallpaper, in attics and under carpets and other flooring.  It can be difficult to detect until you have work done in your home.

The Mold Removal Specialists at Heiler Painting can test for mold if it is not visible as in the case with mildew and moldy odors, remove mold once found, and treat your surfaces so that it does not return ensuring your home is safe and mold-free.  We are licensed and experienced contractors who stand behind their work.

Our Mold Removal Services


Mold on Ceiling

Ceiling mold can be an indication of water damage that happened and did not dry quickly enough.  There may be mold on other floors including the attic as well.

Mold in Bathroom

Bathrooms are a prime hiding space for mold.  Once visible on the top paint or tile layer, it often is a warning that there is mold behind walls and shower/tub surfaces as well.

Carpentry Services

Attic / Roof Mold.  Mold on the top of your roof is very common and many times unnoticed if you do not go into your attic often.  It can lead to a roof failure if not addressed.

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